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History is an important aspect of St. Croix. The island has both suffered and prospered at the hands of many nations and privateers since 1493, when Christopher Columbus made his landfall at Salt River on his second voyage to the new world. Seven flags have flown over the island — those of Spain, England, Holland, France, Knights of Malta, Denmark and the United States. The history of the very name St. Croix exemplifies its varied past. Called AyAy by the Carib Indians who settled here in 900 AD and renamed Santa Cruz by the Spaniards, the French insisted it be changed to Saint Croix during their occupation of the island. The English changed it back again to Santa Cruz for the short time they held the island. Finally, the Danes called it Saint Croix, and it has kept that name since.

Columbus Late 15th Century
English / Dutch 17th Century
Danish 18th Century
19th and 20th Century