Project is proceeding ahead of schedule

May 11, 2005 - It is anticipated that completion of original contracted work will be turned over to the client four months ahead of schedule. Notice to proceed for the Strand Street underground utilities was issued April 13, 2005 and materials are currently being purchased. Ground breaking for this phase is scheduled for the first or second week of May. To avoid unnecessarily inconveniencing the traveling public, the roadwork will be done in sections, each one taking approximately one month to complete. A great deal of coordination will be required but no major problems are anticipated.

Upgrade to the facilities at the Pier includes two major buildings, one of which will include public restroom facilities, office space and an emergency generator. Restroom facilities will not only serve the cruise passengers but also will be available during major park and pier activities and festivals.

A new Port Authority building as proposed will contain office space for Port Authority personnel while providing necessary separation between the public and the more secure seaward side of the Pier. The proposal to include a lighthouse structure on the Pier will create a welcoming landmark of great interest to tourists and other visitors, visually differentiating Frederiksted from any other destination in the Caribbean. It is anticipated that the review and approval of the proposed buildings and upgrades will be completed sometime in May 2005. All additional work in this regard will be completed no later than February 2006.