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After each design session, the teams pinned up their plans and explained their ideas. One member from each group was selected to present their team's effort, describe the concept behind the plan, and discuss the elements contained within the design. After each presentation, the members of the other design teams discussed and critiqued the plans. These comments became the basis for refinement during the next round of design.

The third day of the charrette concluded with a final presentation showcasing the collaborations from the previous meetings. Members of the design teams described the elements of their projects and a final round of discussions was held. Their comments will be reflected in the next round of design.

  • Shifting the port security and customs facilities to the western portion of the pier
  • Space for parking with grass pavers to provide more green area
  • Office and waiting area for the Seaborne sea plane service
  • Buildings for Port Authority services and provisioning
  • One way traffic around the pier minimized on ship days to allow easy pedestrian access
  • A central open park area that connects the pier with the waterfront and clock tower plaza
  • Office for dive boats, watersports rentals, and excursion vessels

The focus of the design for this area was to create a series of open spaces that started from an improved beach and transitioned east to an enhanced area that could be utilized for parks, festivals, and sporting events. The existing areas on the northern edge of Frederiksted contain a number of open spaces. However, they are currently broken up by the La Grange Gut and Queen Street extension.

Fort Frederik becomes the gateway to all of these activities. Easily viewed from the pier or the end of Strand Street, the park becomes an open invitation to cruiseline passengers. While shopping in Frederiksted, the park facilities will always be a visible attraction at the ends of King, Queen, and Prince Streets, thus providing a focal point and a point of reference.

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